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"Corey has an insatiable appetite for problem solving the needs of individuals with autism and  the unique challenges that are cast on them by the disorder.  That appetite, his curiosity, his wide variety of experience as well as his practical and formal education makes educators listen and respond.  His empathy, respect and insight for kids impacted by autism and their parents and siblings is unequivocal.  I make that statement after having a working relationship with our family for almost ten years."

Marianne Lynch
Parent of Christopher
22 year-old with Autism

“Corey and his team at Developmental Dynamo bring the commitment, enthusiasm and energy to work with a variety of children, teens and young adults in a relationship based, emotion driven manner that is sensitive to each individual’s processing profile and seeks to put social connection and interaction as the foundational platform for work on higher level skills.  I have always appreciated that I can rely on Corey and his staff to be team players and incorporate a range of input of other disciplines when teaming for the benefit of a child.” 

Amy C. Johnson
Cornerstone Speech and Language

"As parents of a high-functioning autistic child, we were naturally focused on getting from day to day, making sure that our son made progress with his various therapies (e.g. social skills, physical skills, language development, emotional development etc).  About ten years ago, Corey Fox and Developmental Dynamo helped us take our son to the next level.  How?  By integrating our son’s various therapies;  By focusing on our son’s daily efforts and on his ever-changing needs as he has grown from young child to adolescent to full-on teenager.  By working closely and productively with faculty, administrators and district personnel.

With Corey’s help, our son has been in mainstream classes since kindergarten.  Today, at age 14, our son is about to begin high school.  It is success that our son has earned through his own hard work – and with the inestimable assistance of Corey Fox and Developmental Dynamo." 

Jim and Judy L.

"Developmental Dynamo has given the clients we share an opportunity to learn and grow in ways that support them as individuals.  People are learning to regulate and express their emotions, learn new information, and grow in their relationships with others. Developmental Dynamo is supporting people to be all they can be."

Darlene Hanson
Director of Communication Services

"We do not have words to express our gratitude to Corey Fox and Developmental Dynamo. This is an amazing company that has made a huge difference in our son and our family's life.  We feel very supported and we know we are in good hands.

Learning that your child is not developing as expected can be devastating.  Thankfully, there are people like Corey Fox devoted to the care and healthy development of children with special needs.  He and his team have truly lightened our load, skillfully guided us through challenges, and joyfully helped moved our son up the developmental ladder! 

All of this, with a wonderful sense of humor, which is a must for our family! 

Corey is a master at what he does.  He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the social, emotional, regulatory, and educational needs of the child.  He oversees a wonderful staff of highly trained behavior interventionists and takes great care in matching them to each individual child.  Without a doubt, our son has flourished under the guidance he's received from Developmental Dynamo.  We are truly thankful."

Sally Piper and Bon Ogle
Parents of a 10 year-old boy

"I have had the pleasure of working with Corey Fox and the staff of Developmental Dynamo on numerous occasions and have been very impressed with their professionalism and dedication.  Corey worked directly with our teaching staff, providing valuable information and teaching strategies that helped the teachers work effectively with all children in the classroom, but more specifically with children who’s learning and behavioral needs required greater assistance and intervention. 

Developmental Dynamo also provided Behavioral Intervention Services for specific children at the school.  The therapeutic companions that worked directly with the children in the classroom were extremely qualified, appropriate, and supportive.  They implanted techniques that supported children’s learning, helped the child engage and sustain play with their peers, and provided access all areas of the curriculum.   Corey provided ongoing supervision and support throughout the year and helped the school to best meet the child’s needs. 

Besides providing services directly to the staff, Corey and his team supported the needs of the family.  They provided information for I.E.P. meetings and were strong advocates for the needs of the child and family. 

I hope in the future that I will once again have the opportunity to work with Developmental Dynamo.  We gained invaluable knowledge and insight from their services and are better equipped to meet the needs of the children in our care." 

Debbie Goodman
Preschool Director

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